Show October 24, 2016

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Opening, general discussion

8:03 pm

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8:04 pm

Coming out as transgender usually requires one to come out first as lesbian, bisexual or gay and then later as transgender. We will discuss how this affects the relationships within the community and the journey to become one's true self.

GUEST: Victoria Hellyer more

8:30 pm

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8:35 pm

Earlier this year a new group was created by the Houston Grand Opera called Overture. Overture was created to bring together LGBT lovers of opera and to bring in others who have a love of music but might not know much about opera. David Krohn ,associate director of development for the Houston Grand Opera, will join us to talk about this new group and where he hopes this new organization can take the LGBT community and the Houston Grand Opera. David Krohn

GUEST: David Krohn more

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