Show October 21st, 2019

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Opening, general discussion

8:04 pm

[Picture of Yucca]   Title: I'd Love To Change the World
Artist: Jordan Fisher
Album: When We Rise

8:04 pm

We speak with out candidate for District C, home to Montrose, Shelley Kennedy. She is a native Houstonian with a record of community activism, public service and political involvement. Shelley has been successful in the private sector and has used her experience and relationships to help others. Shelley is a fierce advocate who seeks to improve the lives of those around her. Although Shelley has not previously sought political office, she has worked in politics and political campaigns since the 1990s. Shelley is running for City Council in District C (where she has lived for more than 20 years) because she cares about her community and the city that has blessed her with so much.

GUEST: Shelley Kennedy more

8:26 pm

[Picture of Yucca]   Title: California Dreamin'
Artist: Sia
Album: San Andreas Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

8:28 pm

Bernardo Puccio is an acclaimed interior designer with a highly distinguished career that spans more than 50 years. He grew up in the segregated south; being gay was dangerous in this environment. His journey from Alabama to Beverly Hills, experiencing the loss of a beloved mother, a forbidden affair with a married DJ and a bold move West in search of fame as an interior designer is documented in his memoir. He experienced a glamorous life inhabited by the Hollywood elite. Bernardo was an intrepid activist with Elizabeth Taylor in the crusade against AIDS. He celebrated Marriage Equality by marrying his longtime companion and stars in the award-winning documentary An Ordinary Couple. In later years, he suffered liver failure and was compelled to undergo a near-death transplant. His is a story of glamour, sex, and personal survival. Bernardo lives with his lifetime partner of 32 years and husband of 11 years, Orin Kennedy, in Los Angeles.

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