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The Houston GLBT Political Caucus will hold the 2015 endorsement meeting Saturday, August 8th at 12 noon at the IBEW Hall located at 1475 N Loop W. We will talk with Maverick Welsh, president

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Update on HERO The city of Houston scored a major victory in May of last year with the passage of HERO, or the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. Designed to help prevent discrimination against fifteen classes of people, Houston was the largest city in the country without such protections until its passage. After numerous repeal efforts were found to be insufficient and/or fraudulent, the Texas Supreme Court nevertheless issued an order to the city to either repeal HERO or put it on the ballot for public vote this November - once again reigniting impassioned campaigns on both sides. We'll be speaking with Brad Pritchett, campaign coordinator with the ACLU, about the status of the embattled ordinance, and what could happen moving forward.

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