Show June 27, 2016

The following is scheduled:

8:00 pm

Opening, general discussion

8:03 pm

[Picture of Yucca]   Title: Till Victory
Artist: Patti Smith

8:04 pm

The GLBT community and the Hispanic community will be linked for ever after the Orlando shootings. Maria Gonzalez will talk about how the the communites can work together.

GUEST: Maria Gonzalez more

8:30 pm

[Picture of Yucca]   Title: You Make Me Feel
Artist: Sylvester

8:35 pm

The Museum of Fine Arts Houston is screening the documentary "Hockney". We will speak folks who helped create the documentary. Opinionated British artist David Hockney (born 1937) pursued art studies in London, became a fixture in the Swinging ’60s, and moved to Los Angeles, where his career and personal life flourished. This intimate portrait of the bespectacled artist includes candid interviews with his family and close friends, photos and home movies from his personal archive, and a survey of the vivid paintings he has created over decades.

GUEST: more

8:48 pm



8:58 pm

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