Show December 11, 2017

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Opening, general discussion

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[Picture of Yucca]   Title: Come A long Way
Artist: David Hickman

8:04 pm

"The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday let stand a Texas ruling that said the right to a marriage license did not entitle same-sex couples to spousal benefits under employee insurance plans. "The city of Houston had asked the high court to overturn last June’s Texas Supreme Court decision, which determined that all marriage-related matters were not decided when the U.S. Supreme Court established a right to same-sex unions in 2015, leaving room for state courts to explore the limits of gay marriage."

GUEST: Daniel Lenhoff more

8:26 pm

[Picture of Yucca]   Title: Anchorage
Artist: Mary McCarthy

8:28 pm

Texas Pride Impact Funds emerged from an initiative within Black Tie Dinner, Inc. in Dallas. Texas Pride Impact Funds was incorporated in the State of Texas in 2015 to fill a statewide need for funding. Adopting a model of LGBTQ-focused community foundations across the country, the Texas Pride Impact Funds exist to advocate for and to strengthen local communities and their leaders and to mobilize donors in support of these efforts. Recently, Texas Pride Impact Funds made its first donation to the Montrose Center's Hurricane Harvey LGBT Relief Fund.

GUEST: Bryan Hlavinka more

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