Show August 1, 2016

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Opening, general discussion

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8:04 pm

Kim Ogg is running for DA because the justice system is failing to protect our citizens and communities. Kim proposes major reforms to increase public safety and stop wrongful convictions. As Harris County’s next DA, Kim will stop sending thousands of low-level drug offenders to jail. Instead, she’ll put them to work cleaning up our bayous as community service, while helping them keep their criminal record clean. The recouped savings will be re-directed to the prosecution of violent criminals, burglars, white-collar thieves, and those who would betray the public trust.

GUEST: Kim Ogg more

8:30 pm

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8:35 pm

A variety of different organizations will be present to present their programs at the Volunteer Open House to prospective volunteers on August 6th from 10am to 2pm at the Montrose Center(401 Branard). Jay Mays will join us to give an overview of the different volunteer groups and of the kinds of programs The Montrose Center itself is providing.

GUEST: Jay Mays more

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