Show February 27, 2017

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Opening, general discussion

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[Picture of Yucca]   Title: Stay With Me
Artist: Sam Smith

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Dr.Jordan B Peterson is a professor at the University of Toronto who has gained a lot of infamy for challenging a human rights bill in Canada. His critique is that there is a danger in setting overly broad language into law; particularly when it comes to compelled speech and unpopular speech. He is a practicing clinical psychologist and a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto with a focus on authoritarianism. Admittedly Texas has no non-discrimination protections, but his criticisms may well provide useful on how to approach such an ordinance again and some insight on the pitfalls of overboard legislation.

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[Picture of Yucca]   Title: Lay Me Down
Artist: Sam Smith

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Brian Riedel received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from Rice in 2005. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Rice ever since, and in 2012 was hired as Professor in the Practice of Humanities. His research and teaching interests include: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer social movements; these movements' complex relationships to feminism and feminist studies; oral and archival history preservation; community engaged research; and the concept of collective memory. Geographically, his work has focused on modern Greece, Europe, and the United States. His work has been published in the Journal of Mediterranean Studies, CITE: the Architecture and Design Review of Houston, and in the anthologies AIDS, Culture, and Gay Men (University of Florida Press, 2010), and Homophobias: Lust and Loathing Across Time and Space (Duke University Press, 2009). His current research project examines the histories of the Montrose neighborhood of Houston, Texas, and the uses to which they are put.

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[Picture of Yucca]   Title: Like I Can
Artist: Sam Smith

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Frances Valdez is an immigration attorney and immigrant rights activist from Houston, Texas. She is the founder of FValdezLaw PC, works with United We Dream and is on the board of the GLBT Political Caucus and the ACLU of Texas.

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