Show August 25, 2014

The following is scheduled:

8:00 pm

Opening, general discussion

8:06 pm

Our once in a while sit down discussion with Ray Hill, our community statesperson on GLBT issues.

GUEST: more

8:38 pm

Teen View: Music of LGBT Youth...that's my special theme for August, with the goal of giving voice to our young people, and share how they expressed their struggles, frustrations, loves and longings in song.
Meg Christian - Ode to a Gym Teacher (1974, "I Know, You Know," Olivia Records)
DykeAppella - I Was a Teenage Lesbian (1998, CD "At the Gates of Heaven" private label)
Romanovsky & Phillips - Outfield Blues (1984, CD "I Thought You'd Be Taller," Fresh Fruit)
Bitesize - Switcher Hitter (1999, CD "Best of Bitesize," private label)
Anna Gutmanis - Another Way Out (2012, CD "Glimmer in the Dark," private label)
Harry Wingfield - I Do, I Do, I Do (1992, single, no label)
David Sereda - Underage Blues (1981, LP "Chivalry Lives," label: Rainy Wednesday) more

8:58 pm

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